Sydney-Wide Welding Inspection, Supervision and Qualification

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Our Services

Welding inspection services from start to finish of a project

Welding process & operator qualification to Australian and international welding standards

Mobile welding inspection and quality control services

Sydney-wide service

Why Choose Us?

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30 Years of Experience

With close to 30 years of experience in the welding industry, we understand the intricacies of achieving a quality weld project. Common issues like lack of fusion, incomplete penetration, slag inclusions and undercutting can compromise the finish. We implement tried-and-tested procedures and strict welding inspection services for every job.

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AS1796 Certificate 10 & AS2214 certified

Our experienced and certified welding inspectors and supervisors hold AS1796 Certification 10 and AS2214 Welding Supervision. This ensures they have the skill and knowledge to uphold the highest quality standards for any welding work so that all products are checked for defects before they are delivered to the client.

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Strict Compliance with Design Specifications

We know how important your welding project is to your business, which is why we follow stringent protocols and robust welding inspection procedures to ensure compliance with design specifications and Australian standards. We are capable of working on the most complex projects and test all products before final delivery to the client.

Sydney-Wide Welding Inspection Service

At Sydney Welders, we cover all areas of Sydney – from the Greater West to the Inner City areas to the Northern Beaches. No matter how big or small your project, we'll make sure a skilled welding inspector does a comprehensive check before your project is complete. We are ready to go if you need us for a one-off job or contract work.

Welding Process and Operator Qualification

At Sydney Welders, we provide welding process and operator qualification to both Australian and international welding standards.

Our welding process qualification typically involves a series of tests conducted under controlled conditions, including the selection of appropriate welding parameters, materials, and joint configurations. The tests may include destructive and non-destructive examinations, such as tensile testing, bend testing, impact testing, radiographic testing, or ultrasonic testing, depending on the specific requirements of the industry or project.

Our operator qualification process includes visual inspections, destructive and non-destructive testing, and performance evaluations. This comprehensive approach ensures that your operators can complete the applicable welding process precisely and safety.

Our welding inspectors and weld engineers conduct thorough assessments and tests to ensure the competency of welding operators. We follow internationally recognised standards such as the Australian Welding Standard (AS/NZS 2980) and the American Welding Society (AWS) codes to validate the skills and knowledge of our operators.

Welding Inspection

Our welding inspection service is provided to ensure quality standards across your entire job -from before the welding begins, during the work and even after completion when you are provided documentation of the works.

Before welding begins, we double check the welding plan is the right one for the end-use, we verify right consumables are being used, and we check the weld site is prepared correctly and safely before allowing welders to proceed.

Throughout the process, our inspectors perform interim tests to double-check all welds are top quality and meet specifications and Australian Standards.

Once the welding is complete, our inspectors make a final check for any issues. If they identify any anomaly, they work with the welder to make a correction before signing off on the job.

Welding Supervision

Our Welding Supervision service is tailored for businesses with in-house or contract welders who require the expertise of a certified welding supervisor to ensure accurate and high-quality work or due to compliance requirements. Whether it's a one-off job or ongoing work, we have you covered.

Our experienced supervisors your team's welding complies with Australian Standards. They oversee the welding process, ensuring that all work meets the required standards and specifications. Safety is our utmost priority, and our supervisors ensure that welders follow strict work health and safety procedures, creating a secure working environment.

Our supervisors are certified to AS 2214, which means they can provide the necessary guidance and supervision to ensure precise and reliable results. If you have welders who need professional supervision and support, call us at Sydney Welders.

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