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Mobile Welding Sydney

If you need an experienced, highly capable welder, our mobile welding service in Sydney will be there whenever you need it. Whether you need onsite fabrication or urgent roadside repairs, our certified mobile welding team will do a quality job.


Sydney Welding Fabrication

Whether you need assistance fabricating boats, pressure vessels, railings or pipes, our welders deliver excellent quality and consistency. We offer mobile welding or offsite services for all types of metal fabrication in Sydney.


Welding Inspection and Supervision

We provide comprehensive welding supervision and inspection services across Sydney. Our inspectors are AS1796 certificate 10 & AS2214 certified. We can also complete welding qualification for your project.

Why Choose Sydney Welders?

Licensed & Certified

Our mobile welding team hold the NSW metal fabrication licence for residential work and have a variety of certifications including AS/NZS 1796 tickets and AS/NZS 1554 structural welding. We emphasise quality for all workshop and mobile welding projects.



We have years of welding experience covering a range of welding techniques,  whether you need site welding, mobile welding, arc welding or metal fabrication services. No matter how complex, we provide a range of welding solutions.

Competitive Pricing

While we offer high-quality work, we know price is important. We keep our pricing fair and competitive while refusing to cut corners and compromise on quality with our welding services. You can expect all welding projects to be delivered to the highest standard.

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Customer Reviews

Alfie Swallow
Alfie Swallow
Sydney Welders are highly skilled professionals, while at the same time down to earth and friendly. We challenged them with completely fabricating a large steel mechanical frame on-site with a very limited amount of workshop tools and space to work in. Not only did they adapt to our needs, they were able to complete the job with an amazing level of precision, offering insights and improvements to the design along the way. The tradesmen were extremely passionate in their work and in bringing the design to life. Looking forward to working with them again!
Chris Dinham
Chris Dinham
Really quality service I had a construction site that needed mobile welding services quickly. They were able to come out the next day and complete. Really great service since our construction site was temporary for an event. Thanks again guys.
Mark Coster
Mark Coster
Sydney Welders are highly skilled, reliable welders with the knowledge to keep any job running at short notice. Their flexibility and quick response time make them an essential asset in today's world where jobs can change quickly.
Tomás Affranchino Vivanco
Tomás Affranchino Vivanco
We contacted them for help with the fabrication of a vehicle prototype. The vehicle used an aluminum alloy which required a lot of skill to weld. The mobile welding team that did the work were extremely professional and were able to do everything as per engineering specifications.
Claire Noel
Claire Noel
Thanks very much. Neat work
Luke Tourish
Luke Tourish
Thanks Sydney Welders for looking after us. You did a great job customizing the new support beams for our deck extension and the new handrails look fantastic. Can't thank you enough for the effort and expertise you put into helping complete this job.
Jordan Sidhom
Jordan Sidhom
Sydney Welders did a fantastic job fixing up my boat. Very professional and their customer service is top notch. If you are looking for welding repairs for boats, Sydney Welders are the ones to call!
Simone Scholte
Simone Scholte
Very happy with the service received. The mobile welding service is very convenient. Will recommend to my family and friends!
Kelvin Yim
Kelvin Yim
Our apartment balcony railing started cracking and giviving way over the last couple of weeks. We finally got around to calling Sydney Welders last Thursday and someone came out on the Friday. The tradesman was able to provide a reasonable quote on the spot and do the job on the same day, which was pretty awesome! They even had screens and everything to hang up outside so no one got blinded on the street. His attention to detail was perfect and he conducted himself in a professional manner. Sydney Welders provided a professional and timely service, which far exceeded our expectations! 5/5 for workmanship, professionalism and communication. Will definitely use them again!

Types of Welding We Can Help With

MIG Welding

MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is versatile and can be used on most metals. Our welders produce clean and durable finishes for different MIG welding projects.

MAG Welding

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is difficult and requires excellent coordination. Our TIG welders have experience with stainless steel, wrought iron and non-ferrous metals.

stick Welding

Stick Welding

Stick/manual welding can be used almost anywhere, even on rusty metal surfaces. We provide this quick mobile welding service across Sydney.

Can We Weld it?

We provide a wide range of welding services, including mobile welding and site welding, from small repairs for private clients to large custom metal fabrication jobs for businesses. We've also worked with construction companies and provided welding supervision for complex welds. Here's a list of what we can and cannot help with. Please also see our minimum pricing.

Site welding

Mobile welding

Handrails and balustrade welding

Structural welding

New trailers & repairs

Custom metal fabrication

4WD custom trays

4WD canopies

Pressure welding

Boiler making

Fence, door & gate repairs

Oxy cutting

Certified welding

Welding inspections

Welder supervision

Welding procedure certification

Welding for rail and metro

Any type of welding for cars

Any type of welding for motorbikes

Repairing welding machines

Unfortunately, we're unable to help with welding for car/motorbike bodies, suspension, exhaust, chassis, fuel tanks, body panels or repairs for welding machines.

Workshop and Mobile Welding Pricing

Workshop Welding & Fabrication

> From $960 + GST

For workshop fabrication and welding, our rates are competitive and start at $120 an hour + GST for mild steel welding, which includes our own consumables and machines. Due to additional costs, rates may be higher for Stainless steel, aluminium, pressure welding, or out-of-hours work.

Our minimum job size for our welding services is $960 + GST. We can supply materials and deliver at additional cost if required.

Please note that visits to our facilities are by appointment only.

Onsite & Mobile Welding

> From $460 + GST

If you need mobile welding, we can attend your property, business, or worksite in Sydney.

The standard cost is $460 + GST, which covers one qualified fabricator and travel within the Sydney metro. It also includes one hour of labour during business hours and our own consumables and machines. Additional hours cost $120 per hour + GST. Due to additional costs, rates may be higher for Stainless steel, aluminium, pressure welding, or out-of-hours work. We can also supply materials if required.

High-Quality Welding Services in Sydney

Sydney Welders have experience with a range of welding customers of all sizes. We can provide mobile welding to construction sites, as well as a welding certification and inspection service for more complex repairs or projects. If you need a welder near me, contact Sydney Welders for metal fabrication, mobile welding and prompt service.

Specialised Welding Services We Also Provide

Sydney Aluminium Welding

Aluminium has an oxidised outer layer, and its soft nature means that even experienced welders find it a very difficult material. We employ specialists in TIG welding and other processes needed for aluminium welding in Sydney. Our aluminium welding solutions also include aluminium repair or fabrication.

Sydney Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless steel needs particular attention to detail. Its use in architectural, hospitality and medical sectors means the final product must be well finished. With plenty of experience in stainless steel welding and metal fabrication in Sydney, we have the right skills to make flawless joints.

Commercial Welding

We help with mobile welding, site welding and fabrication jobs of all sizes. If you want custom metal fabrication, our welding services cover repairs, site welding, mobile welding, structural welding and general welding. Give Sydney Welders a call for all of your welding projects.

Industrial Welding

We also contract to industrial facilities in Sydney for repairs and maintenance, civil infrastructure and more. Working to high standards, we work with sheet metal, structural steel, heavy piping, and other heavy engineering projects. With our certified mobile welding team and welding inspectors, we tackle the most complex mobile and site welding projects across Sydney.

Sydney-Wide Mobile Welding - Welder Near Me

Our welding services are available to businesses and individuals throughout Sydney. Whether you need custom metal fabrication for your company, repairs or mobile welding, we'll get a certified offsite or mobile welder onto your project promptly.

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